Check Out Uurnog Uurnlimited’s Adaptive Music in Action

A quirky metroidvania game about collecting about all the animals you can, Uurnog Uurnlimited features a lot of unique gameplay ideas such as a save room that remembers every little change to it (including mistakes), NPCs that can mess with your game, and Mario Bros. 2-style platforming where each animal you carry can provide power-ups or adjust how you move. But one particular feature of note is the game’s adaptive music, which Raw Fury Games has decided to highlight in a new trailer, as seen below.

Thanks to an algorithmic engine, the game’s soundtrack adjusts to various action you perform in the game, such as firing a weapon, entering a door, creating an explosion, and more, as seen in the clip. The end result is that no game will ever have the same soundtrack twice. It’s an incredible idea that makes for some amazing music, but will the game be just as good as the tunes? Well, a release date has been revealed for November 16, so we’ll see about that in just a few days.