Improvements Coming for King of the Ring 2.0 on WWE SuperCard Season 4

With the latest season of the mobile card game, WWE SuperCard, is on its way, its King of the Ring mode is getting a slew of improvements. King of the Ring 2.0 will have a shortened duration which will allow players to complete matches in half the time. The mode focuses on SuperStar energy management and placing the best cards for winning. With the player pool getting an increase to 32 players, the round can be completed in a day now. The Energy Cards for the mode are won via other modes.

With an increase to 32 players, the brackets are broken down differently now. The mode includes four groups of eight, each pair of opponents plays to best of five games, and each game consists of five matches. The winners move on and the losers collect their rewards. After the first qualifier, a second qualifier is played in the same format, with eight players moving on to the final bracket. That final bracket will continue until the King of the Ring champion is crowned.

Finally, a player’s King of the Ring deck will still consist of 12 cards, two male tag teams, three male Superstar cards, one female tag team, one female Superstar card and two Support cards. The tier of each deck will determine who is in each player’s King of the Ring and the rewards that can be earned along the way. Season 4 of WWE SuperCard will launch by the end of the month.