Digimon Links Available for Mobile Devices

Digimon have been around since the 90’s and have constantly been Digivolving with the times! Fans may be familiar with the animated series, virtual pet toys and video games. Now, a new adventure comes to mobile devices in the form of Digimon Links.

Engage in battle against enemy monsters with your team of Digimon. There are different attacks, healing abilities and signature moves. You get to build a farm where you’ll be able raise Digimon and use it as a home base. Of course it wouldn’t be a Digimon game if you couldn’t Digivolve characters! Doing so gives a huge boost of power and stats. Co-op battles are available as well for playing with friends around the world.

Download Digimon Links for free onĀ iOS and Android devices. Check out the trailer below and learn more about it on the official website!