EA Responds to Star Wars Battlefront II’s Unlock System Backlash

Subscribers to EA Access are currently able to play Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer for up to ten hours, prior to the game’s release on November 17. Unfortunately, many players have encountered various unlocks that, by one player’s calculations, could take upwards of forty hours of play time to afford. After many players posted comments on Reddit criticizing the potentially sky-high play time necessary to unlock certain iconic Star Wars characters, EA officially responded.

Though many “heroes” are automatically unlocked, some of the most famous Star Wars characters are locked behind steep paywalls that use credits as currency. For example, both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker require 60,000 credits to unlock. Credits can’t be bought directly through micro-transactions, and are earned through playing the game. Currently, players can earn credits through completing challenges and for the amount of time spent in any given match. Problematically, players can also get credits if they buy a trooper crate (ie, loot crate) that contains a randomly selected hero that the player already has.

EA took to these concerns, stating: “The goal is to keep you playing for a long time and have something cool to look forward to as you earn credits.” They clarified that players can earn additional credits based on performance, and that they’re “…constantly evaluating and tweaking the earn rates versus the cost of crates and heroes.” Of course, many concerns center around the fact that such iconic characters were locked to begin with. EA is assuring players that they’re constantly adjusting their unlock system based on feedback. Hopefully such concerns will be addressed in time for Battlefront II’s release later this week.

Luckily, it looks like Star Wars Battlefront II will have legs. Beginning with DLC focused around The Last Jedi coming out in December, content is planned to be rolled out for quite some time. Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.