Screenshot Saturday Featuring Superflight, Semblance, Many More

Screenshot Saturday remains the same even if there’s a bit more room for people to talk about what they’re working on.  The new 280-character limit lets developers be a bit more descriptive, although a few seemed to take it as an opportunity to go nuts with the hashtags.  The volume of content released in the weekly outpouring of new and updated images is as overwhelming as ever, with the usual problem being how to trim it down to a handful of entries.  It’s always worth a look at the source to see what else might be in there, but if you don’t feel like wading through spam-bot retweeters then this feature grabs a dozen-ish images from the week’s highlights.  Most of them move, too, if you give them the chance to really show off what they’ve got.

Hover Cabby- Originally made for a game jam, this is being expanded into something much bigger and richer. Drive your cab around looking for fares, pick up passengers and explore, and sometimes get into high-speed chases through the canyons of a towering city. The old game game demo can be found here.

Ray Bibbia- Typing bullet hell exorcism, which makes the bullet hell part extra-appropriate. As a freelance exorcist you’ll need to type out the invocations to consign demons back to their infernal realm while also dodging all the bullets hell can throw at you. It might be a bit tricky for classic-style typists, unless they’ve got three hands.  There’s a demo on Gamejolt to check out.

Unnamed- So far this has been a driving arena in search of a game, but a ridiculously colorful one that gets updated on a regular basis.  In the last few weeks its added computer chips you can drive to the garage for power-ups, weird enemies, a cannon you can drive over to attach to the car, and a nighttime view that cycles to the techno music.  No idea where this will end up but it’s an interesting journey, and one you can check out with the demo.

Akuto: Mad World- Turn your friends into a blocky-bloody splatter during fast-action matches in environments that really aren’t suited for fighters who can’t pay attention to their surroundings. Even so, standing on train tracks seems like the kind of thing one would avoid even when trying not to get eviscerated.

Unnamed- Horizontal shooter for mobile platforms, a little early to say how it plays yet but with a nice city to fly over and good shield effect on the player ship. You can see halfway in the targeting combo as the player swipes around the enemy formation.

Superflight- Hop in a wingsuit and glide through the canyons and caves of towering rock formations, earning more points the closer you get to the walls. Explore and max out a single world or dive-bomb off the bottom of the map to generate a new one. Or if things go badly see how many times you can shatter against a wall in a single minute.  There’s not really any wrong way to play.

Russian Subway Dogs- Life in the Russian subways isn’t easy but an industrious dog can find plenty to eat by scaring it out of the hands of oblivious riders. The differences in doggy design are subtle here but the perkier ears, hint of tooth, slight glare to the eyes, and shaggier ruff all point to a more determined puppy.

Floor Kids- Dance like nobody’s watching? Nope, dance like everyone’s watching, because they are and judging your skills. Use your best moves to recruit a crew that has the style to dominate its rivals in hand-animated dance-offs throughout the city.

Blazing Legion-  This one is slowly coming into focus with each new image that pops up.  Pilot a mech over the skies of a city and pound… something into scrap.  Invaders?  Monsters?  Enemy mechs?  It’s a slow drip of information but every new shot is more kinetic than the last.

Skein- Not all impressive images actually look impressive.  Finishing a game is a major feat, so this unassuming list of tasks has a huge backlog of effort behind it.

Semblance- A blob wanders through a malleable world smacking into the walls and floor to shape them into the platforms necessary to reach the bonus goodies kicking around the levels. The beams here snap the terrain back into shape when they touch it, giving the blob enough air-time to reach the blue sphere hovering where it wouldn’t normally be able to access.

Mugsters- While this game does show up in this feature fairly often, it’s never been here with a massive chainsaw attached to the back of a four-door family car before.

Witchinour-  Lo-fi twin-stick bullet hell dungeon crawl.  Pick a costume with a perk plus a pair of spells and try to get through the waves of creatures in the randomized corridors of a dungeon that’s not shy about wanting to kill you.  While this came out way back in June it’s gotten several updates that have turned it into a really fun little action roguelike.

Bonus Image

Unnamed- Look at that nervous smile as Kraid stares with a gaze of intent interest in its eyes. Sure, he’s a giant murderous alien warlord, but underneath that magnificently veiny chest-like frontal surface beats the concern-organ of an being that just wants to know love.