Brutal Update Hits Dead Cells on November 14

Tying in perfectly with the recent launch on GOG (or vice versa), Motion Twin announced today that their hit Early Access roguelike metroidvania game Dead Cells will be receiving a massive update tomorrow on November 14, known as “The Brutal Update” in a name appropriate for a game such as this. Also appropriate is that for a title that’s twenty-five percent off on GOG right new, the new update will add a hefty twenty-five percent more content to the game, which is sure to please the game’s huge fanbase.

Among the new additions, The Brutal Update will have a new Brutality/Tactic/Survival tier system with new stats, along with dual color items that rely on two different stats that use the highest value and colorless items (dropped by cursed treasures) that always use your best stat, placing more emphasis on choosing wisely when it come to how you level up. The game will also receive two new biomes in the forms of the Clock Tower and the Slumbering Sanctuary, a new boss known as the Assassin to acts as the final encounter (at least until the game’s true nemesis and definitive ending are created), ten new items, and four new enemy types, among other things. You can read the full list of additions here on the game’s official site, or just watch the new trailer below for a sneak peek at everything. Indeed, it looks like Dead Cells is still evolving into an even more complex and deeper game, so with this new update, it may be the perfect time to leap into it.