For Honor Season Four Debuts Tomorrow

The next season to take place in For Honor’s Multiplayer, titled Order and Havoc, will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow, according to a press release on Monday.

Order and Havoc will bring with it new game modes, new characters, and new maps, primarily. Tribute mode will have players fighting for control of three relics, called Offerings, scattered across the map. Once you’ve found an Offering, the objective is to take it back to your base, granting your team a buff of some kind. You’ll choose which buff you want to give your team by placing the Offering in the right receptacle. Ranked Dominion mode will add in-game rewards to Dominion games. Ranked Dominion will come later in Season IV.

The Aramusha, or Samurai Hybrid, will join the roster as a relentless attacker from all angles that is able to take advantages of opponents’ missteps. The Shaman will join the Vikings in a highly offensive position. Players of the Shaman class will be rewarded for their aggression, as their damage output increases the more their enemies bleed.

And two new maps will make their way into the rotation. Market Town is a dense, close quarters map set in a multi-level town by the water. Players will be able to navigate vertically through the map using a system of zip-lines. The Gauntlet, set in the Viking capitol, is a fortress set atop a hill, where the Vikings will certainly do anything to defend their home.

Watch the ridiculously quirky Season IV trailer right here:

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