Looks Like Devolver Will Be Doing Another E3 Press Conference

Devolver Digital’s “press conference” during this year’s E3 was…well…odd, to say the least. So odd that it baffled even ourselves here in the HG office. Nevertheless, while we may have been in the minority, it’s safe to say that there were many more viewers out there who absolutely loved the indie-famed publisher’s sense of witty, sarcastic and perhaps surreal humor in what many would describe as the atypical parodying of E3 in general.

Perhaps it’s this positive reception that is behind Devolver’s confirmation today that they will be back at E3 next year, hosting another “press conference” — stating on social media that Imagos Films will once again be assisting in the production. Goodness knows what direction the company decide to take their presentation in come June 2018, but for better or worse, you can expect Devolver to throw something unique out towards us at the very least.