Road Rage Brings Motorcycle Combat to PC, PS4, Xbox One

Motorcycle combat racing recently came roaring back into the limelight thanks to multiple companies attempting to revive the genre simultaneously. The latest release is Road Rage from Team 6.

Road Rage offers an open world to drive around in, discovering objectives along the way. Of course, you’re also free to customize your bike as well as arm your rider with all manner of dangerous weapons. There are story missions and sidequests to uncover in single player or local/online multiplayer.

Road Rage is available for $29.99 on Steam, Xbox One and PS4. It’s also available in physical format for those interested in having a copy on their shelf.

  • ShammyDubz

    Since Road Redemption is nowhere to be seen on consoles (grumble grumble), it’s nice to see someone else trying. That being said, it’s a Maximum Games’ release and they’re not especially known for quality. I’d love to see a review for a game like this, but too many outlets are too busy complaining about loot boxes in Battlefront 2 – a game they seem to hate in general but feel compelled to cover it instead of seeking out experiences that maybe they won’t hate, ffs. I fear Road Rage (as well as Outcast: Second Contact, which Maximum Games’ also put out recently) may be too niche to get any attention at all :/

    I hate blindly picking something up. I would rather play this on PS4, but unless I see some coverage on this, I guess I’ll have to get it on Steam and screw around with it for awhile then request a refund if I don’t like it though. Y’know, the old “Steam Rental” process. Ugh.

    Stupid gaming journalists. Stupid “AAA” gaming culture. 2017’s been the best year ever for games, and yet most outlets have covered the same 5% of them, just to complain about the crap EA is pulling with their “blockbuster” trash. There’s been SO MANY games that have just come and went, like Destiny 2, because they’re not worth it. And now people never hear about potentially good games anymore. Christ – what is even the point of “big gaming outlets” when they don’t let people know what to check out and merely comment on the crap that is already well-marketed and has high awareness? It’s like an echo chamber of garbage, and games that are genuinely interesting-looking go unnoticed. sigh