WWE SuperCard Has Made Strides in its Evolution with Season 4

With 15 million downloads since its initial release, WWE SuperCard is going forward with Season 4 of its mobile card-battle game. Recently, 2K and Cat Daddy Studios invited us to their studios to get some seat time with the new season. Having not played the game since Season 2, the game looks to offer quite a bit in terms of gameplay options and enhancements. Season 4 will feature the Elimination Chamber, a new mode featuring female WWE SuperStars, and changes to the slew of modes already included to allow for faster matches.

If you haven’t played WWE SuperCard before (which is free on mobile devices), this is a card-battle game that incorporates stats based on four different categories. It consists of PVP, indirectly, as players will grind to level up their cards while accruing new cards in the process. The cards center around WWE SuperStars and will tie-in to specific events. New to Season 4 are some different tiers of cards. These consists of Beasts, Monsters and Titans, as the tier will embody the specific WWE SuperCard. Season 4 will feature over 245 new cards that include these tiers.

What stands out the most from the different modes is the amount of strategy involved. Cards are assigned to specific matches as this helps spread the wealth on the gameplay options. Road to Glory 2.0 allows for designation of cards to accrue rewards, indirectly. With 2.0, the speed of modes are cut nearly in half as cards that are designated will result in quicker rewards. Players balance Energy Cards so the WWE SuperStars have enough stamina to go through the tournament. KotR decks consists of 12 cards and the opponents are based on your card tiers. 32 opponents played in four groups of eight will allow for maximum collection of rewards.

A slew of other modes will include War, Road to Glory, Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank. Each of these modes are a mix of matches and specific matches will focus on one of the four statistics: Speed, Power, Charisma and Toughness. These matches will include solo or tag matches, or will offer more strategy such as selecting the best matchups during the Royal Rumble. Modes like the new Elimination Chamber will actually deduct the statistics with the points re-accruing while the card isn’t being used in the match. The strategy in these other modes have an addicting hook in them, as the game has made strides in its evolution beyond doing straight-up matches. There will be a lot of different modes to keep you busy and on your toes in Season 4.

Cat Daddy Games is constantly updating its card selection to make sure the game is current. One thing that they are aware of are the dated arenas. Cat Daddy has made the arenas current and the pay-per-views look legitimate. The Elimination Chamber features the structure as the cards animate and do battle. The entrances will feature pyros as the match still remains a quick tussle between the two cards.

WWE SuperCard Season 4 has launched today and is free-to-download on Apple iOS and Android devices via the Google Play Store or Amazon Store. Players will be able to jump into the new modes and start competing the in PVP leagues as well. Players will also be able to start using the Momentum Meters to gather even more rewards from day-to-day.

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