2064: Read Only Memories and Crawl from Limited Run Games this Friday

The new releases from Limited Run Games seem to be getting back on a regular schedule again after a short break to get up to speed with the new ESRB requirements.  While this time last week it was known that we’d be getting Crawl this coming Friday, since then a second game has been added to the date and it’s the fan-favorite 2064: Read Only Memories.  Crawl is a mulitplayer dungeon-crawl where you control a hero and friends are the monsters, with the one who kills the hero being the next one to be hunted.  2064: ROM, on the other hand, is practically the exact opposite, being a single-player point & click sci-fi adventure game where you’re searching for a missing friend on the streets of Neo-San Francisco while accompanied by the world’s first AI.  Both games are PS4-only, with Crawl getting 3,800 copies and 2064:ROM having three different covers printed at 2,064 apiece, for a total of of 6,192.  While the cover you receive is random, there will also be a collector’s pack with all of them in a single bundle that includes all three of the 2064:ROM trading cards.

After that is a week off for Thanksgiving, and then Windjammers comes out on December 1 for both PS4 and Vita. The rest of the holiday season is unannounced aside from Claire: Extended Cut (PS4 and Vita), but whatever may be coming is bound to be along soon.