Dragon Blaze Chapter 5 Pre-Registration Goes Live

Gamevil is speeding things along with Dragon Blaze, as it has been announced that the next major update, coming in the form of Chapter 5, is nearing completion. Chapter 5 originally hit the Korean servers back in April, with the Global release very slowly trying to catch-up. Coming up to its release, the Korean-based publisher has revealed a pre-registration program, as per usual for their games, giving players an incentive to sign-up.

The pre-registration will give those who sign-up 10 SSS ally summons, with various events going on in-game to better increase your chances of making a dent on the leaderboards. This includes two Transcended Allies if you login between November 29 and November 31, and various rewards until December 20, which includes Transcended Essence, SSS Summons, more Transcended Allies and Ultimate Deified Allies. Finally, for new users, you will be treated to a unique mission that will unlock yet another Transcended Ally for you to select.

This update will feature a new region called Argo, the first new playable character (an Incanter) since the beginning of Chapter 3, Transcended Main Characters, and so much more.

While no firm release date has been given, if you base this all around the rewards, it’s likely the update will come around November 28. Dragon Blaze is available right now on iOS and Android devices for free.