Sparc Now Out on PC With Cross Platform Play

Sparc has already been available on PlayStation VR for quite a while, and now it is finally available for PC gamers. Sparc is a virtual esport can be described as dodgeball meets baseball meets fencing except the sport’s main piece of equipment happens to be exploding laser balls. This is a large part of why Sparc is only possible in VR, where the VR equipment becomes sports equipment. The goal of Sparc is to hit the opponent with the aforementioned exploding laser balls while ducking, dodging, catching and throwing. An excellent feature of Sparc is it is completely cross platform, so regardless of whether you have a Vive, Rift or PSVR everyone can play with everyone. For some detailed initial impressions on Sparc, which was generally considered to be extremely fun, please read our preview from when we got some hands on time with an early build.