EA Temporarily Halting Battlefront II Microtransactions in Wake of Backlash

After a week of vicious backlash — whether it was handled well by the community is a topic for another time — EA have decided to turn of all microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II for the time being, according to an announcement on EA’s blog.

The post explains that the intention behind the microtransactions in Battlefront II was never supposed to be malicious, but they’ve heard players’ concerns and have made a decision of how they are going to handle the situation.

“We hear you loud and clear, so we’re turning off all in-game purchases. We will now spend more time listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning,” EA said in the post. “This means that the option to purchase crystals in the game is now offline, and all progression will be earned through gameplay. The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after we’ve made changes to the game. We’ll share more details as we work through this.”

Star Wars Battlefront II comes out today, so microtransations are currently turned off. There’s been no word on when they will come back to the game, but they promise when they do, they’ll be better. So, we’ll see. For updates on the whole scenario, stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer.