THQ Nordic Acquire Experiment 101, Developers Behind Biomutant

THQ Nordic have today announced that they have completed a full acquisition of developer Experiment 101. The studio, comprised of individuals who’ve previously worked on titles such as Mad Max as well as the Just Cause series, are currently working on their debut game, an open-world, “kung-fu” action RPG by the name of Biomutant. Though they had been confirmed to publishing the game, THQ Nordic now add both the developer and the IP to their diverse portfolio of titles that includes such series like Darksiders — which itself is getting a third instalment currently in-development.

If you’re already conjuring thoughts of dread pertaining to the theme of publishers acquiring independant studios — or are even coming up with a joke or two — fret not, as THQ Nordic have already beaten people to the punch with their own little take on the matter. Biomutant is planned for release on PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime in 2018.