Uurnog Uurnlimited’s Launch Trailer Explains Things, Sort Of

Now, the last two times we’ve brought up Uurnog Uurnlimited, the new platformer from Nifflas Games and Raw Fury Games, we’ve pointed out that the game, its mechanics, and its plot are…odd, to say the least. But now that the game has officially been released for all to enjoy, we have a launch trailer to help clear things up for everyone! And by “clear things up,” we of course mean “raise more questions.”

What we can deduce from the trailer and its increasingly confused narrator is that Uurnog Uurnlimited is a game about boxes that shoot out other boxes, hoarding, dogs, things dying…yes, the quirk is strong with this one. But if you’d like to lean more about the Uurnog, you can always check out this handy site that’s been around since 1991, or just pick up the game for yourself on Steam right now (or on the 21st when it comes out for the Switch).