Screenshot Saturday Featuring Rifter, Dusk, Many More

There’s always plenty of new things to see every Screenshot Saturday, seeing as the whole point of the day is to show off the week’s progress.  Hundreds of games both big and small have images and video clips posted, and this feature pulls about a dozen or so from the lot as a sampler of everything the hashtag has to offer.  The selection process is generally based on how fun/cool/interesting/entertaining the image is, usually with zero judgement about the game, but there’s a good number of them with demos so that’s not a guarantee.  There’s more worth playing out there than any one person will ever have time for, but and Screenshot Saturday is a peek at just how much is happening at any given moment.

Ayo the Clown-  Clowns have had a bad time of it lately but Ayo is one from the old school.  No knives, scary teeth, or psychotic episodes, but rather a desire to make people laugh and be happy.  When his dog disappears he heads out into the night to track him down, straight into a cute, kid-friendly platform adventure.  Although in this level he turns into a boot-headed kaiju, which is a bit odd.  There’s a demo over here.

Vulpine-  It’s a little hard to see in this shot but the fox has a sword that it can use to take on the hideously mutated creatures that wander the plains and forests of the world.  The elk, on the other hand, is just a standard woodland creature same as any you can find in the woods.  It’s way more dangerous out there than you may have been led to believe.

Photon Highway- Race down the outside of a tube to do something.  Could be anything, honestly, with the amount of information available at this point. You might just be delivering interstellar pizzas, or heading home after a long day’s work. The road is a long one but the yellow dotted line stretching into the distance lets you know where you’re going to avoid the spikes, walls, and other drivers cluttering up the trip.

Scrap Story- RPG with an art style that’s straight out of a storybook.  That orange tree in the background looks like papercraft because it’s supposed to, and there’s a whole lot of Paper Mario style in the characters and their world.  Any other information is going to have to wait a bit, though, because whatever Scrap Story may be about or how it plays is still waiting to be revealed.

Black Future ’88- Synth-punk pixel-art neon-infused run & gun action shooter set in a tower that continually upgrades itself to make you even deader on the next attempt at reaching its top.  You’ve got the skills to do it if you use them right, though, such as this new one where you blink a short distance and leave behind a shadow-self that fires in synch with the real you for a short-lived burst of extra firepower until it evaporates into twisty curls of smoke.

Devader- Twin-stick shooter where the cluster of green hexagons is under attack by a huge swarm of alien-bots, and you get to shoot them all down before they destroy everything.  The bullet-density gets a little thick at times, but that’s not a bad thing when a large percentage of them are coming from a small army that’s providing you backup.

Last Man Sitting- Pretty much 100% of everything that needs to be said about this game is in the tweet above.  So… um… how’s your day going?

Dusk-  The most “90s-style FPS n0t actually made in the 90s” around.  Run at ludicrous speed, shoot low-poly, low-texture enemies with a huge variety of guns and other weapons, and keep your bearings in open, non-linear levels.  The action gets out of hand very quickly, but that’s why there’s so much ammo kicking around.

Unnamed-  Neon shooter-thingy, probably on mobile judging by the screen proportions.  A particularly nice touch is the way the vectors on the enemies don’t all quite touch at the corners, which may be a little overstated for effect in this shot or maybe it looks different in motion.  Either way, that was a real thing the old vector games did, and whatever this is emulates that style nicely.

Wizard of Legend-  Wizards are generally old guys with long grey beards who have spent their lives learning powerful magic, so while they can shoot fireballs with the best of them they’re generally not known for being particularly nimble.  These are not that kind of wizard.

Data Dream-  Hop inside the computer world in an adventure/RPG to take out the invaders, who are doing the usual invader-y things such as destroying the place and making life miserable for its inhabitants.  The player is a blue cylinder-headed  person/creature who can turn into the collection of particles zipping across the screen in the shot above, and it’s also got a nice shotgun attack to take out the enemies.

Rifter-  Super-fast grappling-hook platformer where you swing, dash, and run at top speed through levels designed to keep the flow going, if only you can chain the moves together right.  There’s a fairly hefty demo available over on that’s absolutely worth a couple of play-throughs.

Sully: A Very Serious RPG-  While the party is fighting bunnies and some kind of mole-thing in front of screens showing off a good cross-section of RPG history, it’s a serious fight against a seriously fluffy threat.  Those adorable ears and cute twitching noses mask the souls of killers.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  Intense bullet patterns don’t always have to be intricate geometric structures. It’s always good to know what day it is as enemy firepower eradicates all the safe zones from the screen.