Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition To Add New Twists to Its Fights

It looks like Street Fighter fans’ patience is about to pay-off in a big way. Instead of featuring new fighters or modes, this latest look at Capcom’s Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was all about the improvements and additions being brought to the gameplay. Each character will not only be getting new V-Triggers to throw at their opponents, but new abilities, combo-extenders and mix-ups as well. These all join an already extensive list of add-ons and improvements included in the Arcade Edition package. In total, potential players can expect the following:

  • Arcade Mode: a mode which allows players to fight through six different paths themed after past Street Fighter games.
  • Gallery: a place to view the potential hundreds of illustrations unlocked by playing through Arcade mode.
  • Extra Battle: timed-challenges that unlock new costumes once they’re vanquished
  • New Visuals: players can look forward to a re-designed UI, new color schemes and new pre-and-post fight effects.
  • New Fighters: Twelve new fighters will be joining the original release’s roster of sixteen. These are all the fighters added in seasons one and two.
  • Cross-Platform Play: PC and PS4 players will all be in the same player pool.

Some would argue that this is how the game should have released in the first place and Capcom is still aware of that. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be available as a free download to all those who’ve already bought Street Fighter V. Those looking for some hands on time before release are in luck; the trailer also revealed that the game will be present at Playstation Experience on December 9 & 10. Check it out below:

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will launch for PS4 and PC on January 16, 2018. Check out our review of the base game to see if this improved version is something worth picking up.