White Noise Has Plenty of Seoul in Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is closing in on providing players with two solid years of strategic multiplayer team combat and the experience will continue to build with its newest expansion Operation White Noise. This new content features a new massive map set in South Korea and three new operators, one from Poland and two from South Korea. As with the previous expansions to Rainbow Six Siege, these new operators will bring their own unique talents and skills to the table and open up new strategies in this continuously-evolving game.

The three new operators consist of two attackers and one defender. Introducing the offensive players first there is Zofia, hailing from Poland. Her specialty is the KS79 Lifeline, a double barrel launcher that can fire both concussion and impact grenades making her great at knocking down barriers and taking enemy soldiers out of commission. The offensive half of the Korean crew is Dokkaebi, who brings the Logic Bomb to the party. This is where she uploads a virus that infects the enemy’s electronic devices, causing them to emit a loud noise and vibrate to compromise their position. This is an effective tool as it is very irritating to be on the receiving end of this. The Korean defender is basically a high tech ninja known as Vigil. His unique toy is the ERC-7, which scans enemy surveillance devices and wipes his image clean from them, granting him invisibility from monitoring devices.

The new map is large and appeared to be an office building with some impressive massive golden fish sculptures for decoration. There are two main floors with some upper level access, giving both attacking and defending players plenty of opportunities to hide and wait for a stealthy kill or to find a new way to bust into the fortified zone. The multiplayer mode we played in Operation White Noise was two teams of five alternating between attacking and defending, the with the goal to either defend some bombs or defuse them.

When defending the bombs, players on the defensive team will vote before the match on where they want to set up the bombs, with their choice being between a couple different locations on either the first or second floor. They have about thirty seconds to prep their defenses in the bomb room before the three minute match begins. During this prep time players can put up barricades in open doorways, throw down serpentine wire to slow egress or reinforce the walls to prevent the intruders from knocking down the walls to disarm the bombs. After prepping is done, players need to work together to keep their location safe since the attackers can come from all directions, including openings in the ceiling.

The attacking team has the same brief preparation time, but their objective is different. They have drones that they send through the building to locate the enemy’s position along with the bombs so that the objective gets tagged on the map. The occupational hazard that comes with being a drone is when they get near their objective, there is a chance the defending team might see them and subsequently blast them to smithereens. After prep time ends, the team needs to figure out how to get off the roof and get to their objective, which can be done in a number of ways. They may choose to rappel down the building’s exterior and go in through a window or they may choose to rappel down an elevator shaft. Taking more conventional ways such as working their way gradually down and taking the stairs is also acceptable, but where’s the fun in that? Certain characters, such as a Sledge, can simply pound through weak areas in the floor and everyone jumps down the hatch into enemy territory. A key thing to remember about being on the attacking team is possessing the diffuser is necessary to disarm a bomb once they get close enough to it.

Rainbow Six Siege has never been a game that was designed for a lone wolf approach and clear communication with one’s team is just as important as proficiency with the game. Operation White Noise is no different and with the new operators, new opportunities for team strategy open up. With the robust roster of characters with unique special abilities, planning out which characters to put on a team prior to the match can be a crucial part of strategy. Characters with the ability to give away an enemy’s position by disrupting their electronic devices of tracking them through walls with their heartbeat can tear down the most well constructed defense. The gameplay mechanics are solid which makes for a decent gaming experience in itself, but what makes Rainbow Six Siege is the camaraderie that is built by a successful team planning and communicating during the match. As it currently stands, Operation White Noise looks like it will deliver more of what fans have come to enjoy.