Battle Chef Brigade Available Now, Serves Launch Trailer as Appetizer

Well, it’s been over three years since Trinket Studios debuted Battle Chef Brigade with an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign, but the wait is finally over, as the game is now available for all to enjoy. The fusion of cooking competitions performed via 2D side-scrolling combat with match-three puzzlers may seem odd to some, but should one require a free sample of how it can work, there’s always the game’s launch trailer, which you can check out below.

Set in a fantasy world where elite brigadiers not only hunt down monsters to protect the lives of the people, but also use the ingredients harvested from defeated monsters to feed said people, you’ll be playing as a fresh face competing for the chance to become one of the brigadiers, fulfilling a dream and competing in action-packed culinary duels. Battle Chef Brigade is now available for the Switch and the PC, and those interested in unique blends of gameplay should definitely check it out.