Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Launches with a Trailer

If there was one underrated mechanic of Final Fantasy XV, it’s the fishing. It was a fun mini-game that was completely avoidable, but surprisingly entertaining. Well, Square Enix has made a VR game just for that, putting Noctis in a situation where he needs to help feed his friends with the various monsters that inhabit the world, specifically in the small ponds and oceans.

To celebrate its arrival, Square Enix has released one of the final promotional materials for the VR game in the form of a launch trailer. This shows off the various monsters you will be able to catch, alongside some of the mechanics you can expect and the absolutely beautiful scenery that comes with it.

Definitely don’t go out and pick it up without reading our review.┬áMonster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is available tomorrow exclusively for PlayStation VR.