Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.15 Goes Live

While we wait for the jump to patch 4.2, Square Enix has released a somewhat significant new update that’s centered on the PvP aspects of the MMORPG. Outside of some adjustments to a couple of the classes, a new mount, and the Bard job now being able to actually play music, a new mode has been added to competitive play.

This is called Rival Wings, which tasks teams with searching and destroying the core within an enemy base. There will be various tasks throughout a match, namely taking down the magitek fields that disrupts progress and taking down various towers, all while defending your own core. You will be able to take full control of goblin machina after certain prerequisites are met, aiding in your adventure to topple your enemy’s base.┬áThis also marks the start of the sixth season of The Feast, which will run until Patch 4.2. This will of course dish out rewards as players climb the leaderboards.

Final Fantasy XIV is available right now for PlayStation 4 and PC. Anyone looking to enjoy most of this content will need the two major expansions, Heavensward and Stormblood.