Friends Can Stealth-Kill Eachother ‘At Sundown’

A top-down arena game with an emphasis on stealth, At Sundown is all about what stands out about a good stealth game: options. In essence, At Sundown is a top-down multiplayer shooter essentially held in the dark. Players have a wide variety of weapon options to use against each other in the shadow play of getting the drop and the deadly shot. Of course, this also means it features local and online cooperative play. There are multiple maps, each with their own individual interactions with light. Since the game’s stealth mechanics work closely with darkness and spotting someone coming up with a lethal weapon, players will need to focus on if their friends are in the position to strike without seeing them nearly as often as they’d like.

See a trailer for At Sundown below. At Sundown is out for PlayStation 4 and PC sometime next year.