Get More Wacky Puzzles with Snipperclips Plus

Anyone who picked up a Switch this year likely took notice of Snipperclips, as Nintendo made it one of their major stand-out titles along side Zelda when the system released. Although a smaller title, it took full advantage of the Switch having two controllers and being local multiplayer, something that Nintendo is still very adamant about including and for good reason. Snipperclips was well received as a fun title for all ages and months after release has seen a DLC update that adds a bit more for everyone to enjoy.

In the original release of Snipperclips, three worlds could be unlocked each containing fifteen individual levels. The DLC adds two brand new worlds, with thirty new challenging levels to play through. While many of these use similar puzzles, brand new creative mechanics come into play. Some of these include one player being sat on a magic broom while the second tries to move them around the screen, while another has them trying to use a paint brush item to color certain parts of the screen in order to uncover hidden icons. After beating the two new worlds, a couple more new ways to play become available. The first is unlocking more party levels, so up to four players can take on more some of the crazy puzzles. The second is the unlock of crazy shapes which allows any completed level to be challenged again with the shapes chosen being completely random. They could be small changes such as simply adding a lump or two, or completely wacky with a Christmas tree or moon. While this might not make all of the challenges more difficult, some become an even bigger puzzle while trying to work around the new angles that need to be cut from random shapes.

Of course those who don’t want to work together can instead choose to go head to head with up to four players in the two new blitz modes. The first is called Territory, which has characters put on a board around a blank canvas. They then go in and try to cover as much of it as possible as the timer on top slowly goes down and the player with the determined most area covered is the winner when it’s up. In a way, sort of like a mini Splatoon match without ink guns. The second is called Keepaway, which starts their colored character in a box with a ball that drops on their head. The goal is to knock the opponents ball away, while keeping their own safe. Each person has three chances and losing all three results in a loss. The last remaining player wins and is the king of Keepaway. Both these, and all other Blitz modes, can now also be played with random shapes for that extra level of wacky.

Although perhaps the smallest new addition, the final newest mode takes advantage of the more creative side of things. The stamp mode is as simple as it sounds with up to four players taking control of one of the colorful characters and using a blank white canvas to create art by snipping and clipping. The color of the currently-controlled character is the same that ends up stamped, but this is easy to change simply by dipping the entire body into one of the nine colors at the bottom of the screen. They can do the usual snipping and clipping in order to create unique shapes, make a funny picture or even write out words if they can shape themselves just right. It’s a fun way to experiment even further outside of the usual puzzle levels while showing off just how colorful they can be.

Snipperclips remains one of the most clever, fun and creative cooperative puzzle titles out there. Although best played with family or friends, it’s still completely possible to enjoy it alone albeit with the difficulty increased while playing solo. For those who have already picked up Snipperclips and completed it to the max, it’s well worth getting this DLC to enjoy even more out of it. Those who have been on the fence about picking it should consider getting the full snipping package of fun with Snipperclips Plus.