Mark Antoon: ‘We Want to Break the Stigma Around Adult Gaming’ with Nutaku

How did the launch of Kimochi Red Light come about?

Kimochi Red Light was launched with the purpose of growing the adult gaming industry and the titles available. There are lots of small studios who would love to develop games, but don’t have the finances to do so. Kimochi was a way for these developers to raise the funds to complete their projects — many of which have been completed and made their way on to Nutaku!

We’ve since launched Kimochi Classifieds, which allows talented professionals/freelancers to find work or to help game developers looking for talent to complete their projects. We are 100 percent committed to growing this industry.

Do you think the adult gaming scene has been looking for a platform like Kimochi Red Light to provide the same benefits that Kickstarter has done for more ‘traditional’ projects?

I think the need for a platform like Kimochi Red Light expands beyond the adult gaming scene. It’s about keeping the indie community alive and thriving in a time where less than one percent of games see success in the traditional app store. Nutaku found a way to support the community and to give these studios a chance to succeed.

Kimochi Red Light

Nutaku’s Kimochi Red Light features several crowdfunding projects. Credit: Nutaku

Does Nutaku have any ambitions of getting its titles — or even an app — released on consoles?

Remember that Nutaku is just a distribution platform, like the App Store or Google Play Store. We don’t own any titles, so we don’t have the rights to distribute on consoles. But the idea of seeing adult titles on consoles would be a great sign of the success of the industry, so we’d be thrilled to see that day come.

What’s your favorite title on Nutaku and why?

My favorite game right now is Fake Lay, one of our most popular browser titles, which was recently made available on mobile. It’s a spin-off on those stereotypical Fake Taxi adventures that you see on Pornhub, with really vibrant graphics reminiscent of that 1980s Roger Rabbit cartoon style. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is lots of fun.

I’d recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a casual game to start his or her Nutaku experience.

Fake Lay

Fake Lay allows players to “Live out your wildest fantasies in the kinkiest clicker/dating sim ever!” Credit: Nutaku

How’s Nutaku’s all-ages website working out? Is it still part of the company’s long-term plans?

Our 18-plus site is definitely our top priority, as that is what makes us so unique. However, the focus on mainstream games and underage players will always be present for us, as it stays true to our promise to deliver high-quality games first.

Three years on from its launch, what’s next for Nutaku? Where would you like to see the gaming portal, say, five years from now?

We have lots of plans! To name a few, we plan to deliver our very own Steam-like client in 2018, which we think will be a game changer for the platform. We also have big plans to continue our investments to get more and more top games on the portal, including free-to-play downloadable games that will take us to the next level. However, the main focus for the platform, in the near future, will be to enhance the player experience.

Our players are our most valuable assets, so we will do whatever we can to make changes in their best interest. In five years, we’d like to not only continue to be the leader in adult gaming, but also become the leader in gaming in general. We want to break the stigma around adult gaming and pioneer the beginning of a new era of online gaming.

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