Bandai Namco Unveil Mobile Tamagotchi Title

With the recent news that, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the worldwide craze that were Tamagotchi’s would be making a return, Bandai Namco have today announced that the miniaturised, digital pets are getting their own mobile game as well. My Tamagotchi Forever, developed by Paladin Studios and which launches on iOS and Android devices at an unspecified time in 2018 (though is in fact available to download right now in Canada), is a free-to-play game that — just like the classic 90’s model — revolves around you looking after your own Tamagotchi.

From feeding to washing, to making sure it goes to bed…yes, even cleaning up after it unknowingly defecates in front of you. The game centres around a main hub referred to as Tamatown and will let you play mini-games with your pet as a means to level up and evolve your Tamagotchi…before it decides to run away and have you start all over again. Or not; whose to say how this more modern breed of Tamagotchi will act and behave. Check out the announcement trailer below.