Players Resort to Extreme Tactics to Earn Credits in Star Wars Battlefront II

EA and DICE’s progression system in Star Wars Battlefront II is so bad that players are resorting to extreme methods to earn in-game currency.

Star Wars Battlefront II’s problems just keep getting worse. The game has sunk EA’s stock prices, failed to topple Call of Duty: WWII on the UK Charts, lower scores than the original game, could potentially be banned in Europe for promoting gambling, and various states in the US are considering adopting legislation against games with Loot Box systems. It’s been an awful few weeks for the game, and while EA pulled real-world money from the game temporarily, they haven’t done anything to address how pricey Loot Crates are and how little Credits players get from matches. As such, players are resorting to extreme tactics to get Credits.

Players have begun utilizing items one would find around the house. Reddit user F0ngen used various rubber bands wrapped around the joysticks to simulate movements. Meanwhile, Lowberg actually built a robot that would move the left joystick and tap the X button every now and again. The purpose of these contraptions is to trick the game into thinking you’re playing, which prevents you from being kicked. In turn, you can still earn Credits without actually having to play.

Now, this isn’t cool to your teammates who are actually trying to play, but this does send another message to EA and DICE. Things are still bad, and just removing the paid currency isn’t cutting it. Star Wars Battlefront II is still a seriously flawed game and changes need to be made quickly. Without any, players will continue to resort to tactics like this, or just up and abandon the game.

Thanks, Eurogamer!