Seven: The Days Long Gone Shows Off Stealth in New Trailer

Not a lot of focus has been put on Seven: The Days Long Gone, a new isometric RPG from IMGN.PRO and developers Fool’s Theory, and considering that the game comes out soon on December 1, it might indeed be best to finally begin taking a look at it. Of course, since this is an isometric RPG inspired by the Thief games, it only makes perfect that the latest trailer for the game focus on the variety of stealth mechanics that it has, which you can check out below.

Taking place on the post-apocalyptic prison island of Peh, the game sees you playing as Teriel, a master thief possessed by an ancient demon looking to escape the island and discover its mysterious secrets along the away. And throughout this world where technology and the dark arts clash, you’ll utilize distractions, pickpocket skills, hacking, time skips, stun attacks, and other techniques to sneak around, as seen in the clip. It looks promising indeed, and we’ll see if Seven: The Days Long Gone does indeed have what it takes to be a successful stealth/RPG hybrid when it comes out for PC on December 1.