TARTARUS Now Available On Steam

Tartarus, a sci-fi puzzle/adventure game is now available on Steam. The game puts players into the shoes of Cooper, ship’s cook aboard the deep space mining vessel “Tartarus.” Something goes terribly wrong, as things do, and Cooper finds himself as the only member of the crew in a position to fix the ship and save the rest of the crew. His tools: the guiding voice of fellow crew member Andrews and the Tartarus’ “Farpoint” OS.

Tartarus sports a retro-futuristic style similar to that of Aliens or Robocop. The ship is a lived-in, dirty, place built for the rigors of extra-planetary mining. Complimenting the retro-styled ship is the “Farpoint” OS. It’s a system founded upon realistic coding and interface. Something anyone familiar with old Amiga computers or even the Windows command prompt will quickly recognize. In order to save the solve the game’s puzzles and ultimately save the Tartarus, players will have to get a little retro themselves and master the intricacies this OS from an age gone by. Tartarus’ main features include:

  • Old-school challenge (no hand-holding)
  • A retro-futuristic ship to explore
  • Puzzles built within a command-line style computer interface
  • An actual need for pen and paper (it’ll be very helpful)

For those who’d like a better look at what Tartarus is like, check out the terminal trailer below:

For everyone else, here’s the launch trailer.

Tartarus was developed by Abyss Gameworks and is currently available on PC via Steam for $19.99. Note: There is a 10% discount in effect for those that pick up the game during the first week after release.