A Hat in Time Coming to Consoles Next Week

Trust us when we say that whether or not you’re a follower/fan of platformers, A Hat in Time is a pretty fun and enjoyable game to see the final months of 2017 off. And while the crowdfunded 3D platformer, developed by Gears for Breakfast, has already made its way to PC, console players won’t have to wait long to get their hands on this cheerfully-colorful title. A Hat in Time is making its way onto PS4 & Xbox One digital stores worldwide on December 6 — a day earlier in North America for PS4.

Those who previously backed the project will receive their own console copies of the game in the coming week. For anyone not in the know, the latest accolades trailer below should provide some insight into how the game looks and plays. Be sure to stay tuned as we offer our own thoughts on A Hat in Time very soon.