Demon’s Souls Servers Shutting Down in February

It’s a sad day today. SCEJ, Bandai Namco Europe and Atlus have announced today that they all plan to shutdown the Demon’s Souls servers on February 28. This comes a few years after Atlus considered shutting them down, but after fans showed their displeasure with it, they ultimately decided to keep the lights running for a little longer.

Demon’s Souls first hit the PlayStation 3 back in 2009 and was met with incredible praise from critics and players alike. It was a difficult but incredibly rewarding experience that would mold how a lot of games would operate, and we’re not talking just Dark Souls and Bloodborne. It was a formula that has been beloved for almost a decade now, so it’s sad to see the first game to kick things off be officially axed, or at least their servers.

This doesn’t mean that Demon’s Souls is dead, though, as you can still play the game offline. With that said, a big part of what made the series so great is the online functionality, be it playing with other cooperative (if you were able to get around a system not built for playing with your friends), or fighting invaders in your world. It’s a franchise FromSoftware has created that has one of the most devoted communities, that were both comical and a generally a bunch of trolls, but in a good way.

You have a couple of months left to go through it and experience the online features, so dust off your PlayStation 3 and get to it.