Armello Hits Retail Stores With a Boxed Release on March 13

Originally released in 2015, League of Geeks’ digital board game Armello has wowed many, thanks to its terrific gameplay, strategy, and impressive art style blending Game of Thrones with Disney’s Robin Hood. And alongside various updates and expansions, it’s expanded since then to also have a special IndieBox release and a new mobile version, but now the game will also be hitting retail stores as well with the help of publishers SODESCO, thanks to a boxed Special Edition release.

There is no official word yet if this particular edition will contain any extras (or include any of the expansions), but collectors and those who appreciate a simple physical edition of a game great for parties may very well be pleased. Armello: Special Edition is due out on March 13 for PC, PS4, on XB1, and if you need a refresher, a new version of the launch trailer was released for this upcoming edition, which you can check out below.