Dinosaurs and Theme Parks Won’t Go Wrong This Time in Parkasaurus

The thing about stories is that they’re extraordinary events.  Just because a farm boy found a sword in a stone and became king doesn’t mean that every kingship will happen that way, or even that the next weapon found embedded in rock will result in the one who extracts it becoming royalty.  Even if the king comes back someday to save his land in its time of deepest need, it’s going to be all new events rather than a retread of the past.  People learn and grow from their mistakes.  Therefore, putting dinosaurs in a theme park won’t automatically lead to terrible carnage as the guests become tasty snacks and…  Oh, who am I kidding?  Players are going to put the weakest security around the deadliest animals on purpose just to watch the ensuing carnage.  Parkasaurus is going to be a low-poly theme park-building death trap.

That’s not the point of the game, at least in theory.  Parkasaurus was announced with a reveal trailer today and it shows all the touches of being a park-building sim except, of course, with dinosaurs.  Design each enclosure to match the needs of the dinosaurs, taking the ecology and terrain into account, while also maxing out visitors and their experience to drive up profits.  Extra money goes to researching new dinosaurs by sending a team back in time to harvest eggs, which need new enclosures to hatch, which bring new visitors.  It’s the circle of theme park life, except sometimes the dinos escape and you need to go first-person to nail them with tranquilizers while hoping not too many guests get eaten.  Check out the trailer below to see it in action, setting the stage for Parkasaurus’ Early Access release some time this coming spring.