Let It Die Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With World of Tanks Crossover

No, the above headline is not a typo. Let It Die is a Suda51 game, after all, so having Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online’s free-to-play third-person roguelike game celebrate its first-year anniversary with a crossover from World of Tanks is the type of unorthodox move one should expect (plus there was a Gravity Rush 2 crossover as a precedent, in hindsight). But yes, as part of the anniversary, players with be able to collect ten WoT premium Skill Decals for bonus effects, along with special Tank Commander Armor to purchase, themed decorations added to the waiting room, and special “WarDog” enemies to take out for rewards.

Of course, this anniversary will have more than just World of Tanks for the celebration. Special golden login bonuses will be given away for the first two weeks, and the last three weeks will provide a gift of Uncle Death’s own Space FunGlasses as stamina-boosting head armor. The celebration lasts from November 30 to January 11, and you can learn more details about the special bonuses for the World of Tanks gear here, and for the general anniversary bonuses here, both on the game’s main site, in order to plan things out. With over one million downloads so far, we raise a glass to Let It Die’s success, and here’s hoping for a good second year as well.