The X Factor Life Mobile Game Arrives for iOS, Android

Fusebox Games has released its first mobile title in the UK based on the reality TV show The X Factor.

Fusebox launched The X Factor Life as a free-to-play mobile title for iOS and Android devices on November 24, which was the week before the TV show’s fourteenth season finale aired on Sunday, December 3.

The first part of The X Factor Life consists of 12 episodes, with Fusebox saying it totals “around 120 minutes of story play.”

According to Fusebox, more episodes are currently in the works and the developer plans to release them “periodically from launch.”

The X Factor Life, which Fusebox developed in collaboration with FremantleMedia UK and Syco Entertainment, has “a fictional cast of characters within the much-loved X Factor universe.”

The story of The X Factor Life has players following the same model as the TV show, as they have to work their way through the audition stages up to the final live performance.

Players are presented with different choices to make across their X Factor campaign, ultimately shaping their progression to The X Factor crown.

“We are delighted to bring The X Factor to life for fans of the show, through an engaging interactive narrative that allows its fans to experience The X Factor as if they were the stars themselves,” says Fusebox Games creative director Michael Othen.

FremantleMedia UK’s commercial director, Jacqueline Moreton, said: “This is the first time that FremantleMedia UK has ventured into the world of Interactive Fiction on mobile and we’re very excited to bring The X Factor to its fans in this way.”

George Levendis, head of international at Syco Entertainment, added: “The X Factor Life brings a new dimension to fans of our show allowing them to engage in a fun, playful and connected environment, interacting with the X Factor all year round.

“The game will evolve throughout the year as new stages are added on your path to becoming a star.”

Produced by FremantleMedia UK and Syco Entertainment, The X Factor debuted on British television in 2004.

The success of the UK TV show has seen The X Factor expand to international markets, including the United States, Australia, India and Russia.