Epic Pinball and Jazz Jackrabbit Franchises Hit GOG

The early ’90s were an incredible time for PC gaming – and the Jazz Jackrabbit games were some of the reasons why. For platforming fans, they were the equivalent of Sonic or Mario, and provided a fast-action style that couldn’t be found elsewhere – especially if you were unlucky enough to own Mega Man 1/3 on PC. The platforming series gave Epic Games its first major foothold on a genre, and can now be enjoyed on modern-day devices. Jazz Jackrabbit includes the Holiday Hare ’95 content – which pre-dated Christmas Nights and gave the adventure a Christmas-themed look. But wait, there’s more!

Those who buy Jazz Jackrabbit 2 will also get its JJ2+ mod pack, which brings a slew of game modes and fixes alongside community-created content. Beyond these two classic platformers, you can also get Epic Pinball: The Complete Collection This includes all three Epic Pinball releases along with a bonus table. The Jazz Jackrabbit games have a standard price of $9.99, but you can take 10% off of that and bring them to $8.99 while Epic Pinball is normally $5.99 and goes down to $5.39 with a 10% discount. Buying everything in a bundle saves 25% – so that’s the best overall option if you’re interested in the games.