Furi is Coming to Nintendo Switch

By far one of the most interesting and entertaining indie titles of the past couple years, has been The Game Bakers’ boss-rush, action game Furi — with an impressive soundtrack to suit — and it’s been announced today that the 2016 title will be making its way to Nintendo Switch. The studio has confirmed that this iteration will include all the post-launch DLC on top of all additional optimisations and bug fixes it’s released thus far alongside.

Posting the announcement on their blog, The Game Bakers even note how they’ve seldom had a day where fans haven’t sent them messages or e-mails asking whether they would be bringing the game to Nintendo’s platform. Well as it turns out, it looks like they’ve been secretly hard-at-work on making their game fit the console. Furi is expected to release in early 2018. Check out the announcement trailer below and stay tuned for a set release date in the near future.