Go Full 80’s with Crossing Souls on February 13

Everybody loves the 80’s these days, Four Attic games included. Published by Devolver Digital, Four Attic’s new game, Crossing Souls, is aiming to be the quintessential 80’s game. The plot comes right out movies like ET or The Breakfast Club. It takes place in 1986 California and stars a group of friends who discover a strange but powerful object just as their summer is kicking-off. This discovery will lead them on all manner of adventures, including their involvement in a government conspiracy and (probably) discovering the power of friendship along the way.

The gameplay revolves around controlling each member of this oddball group of five and using their unique skills to overcome puzzles, combat and minigames. Will they be able to successfully navigate their way through a classic summer adventure filled with more 80’s references than one can shake a stick at? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Check out the trailer below and see how many references can be spotted over the course of a minute.

Crossing Souls will release on February 13 for PS4 and PC.