Has EA Unintentionally Confirmed A January Nintendo Direct?

Well EA, you’ve had a pretty negatively-received year in 2017…but on the flip-side, you seemed to have capped it off with an interesting bit of insight — albeit unintentionally and one we must still take with a pinch of salt. In what looks to be a series of e-mails for employees’ eyes only, the publisher’s road-map pertaining to the promotion and inevitable release of their EA Originals title, Fe, seems to stipulate a Nintendo Direct for January of next year, as seen in the image below.

Fe Campaign Roadmap

No date is provided, but it looks as though Fe will feature in the direct alongside a new trailer leading up to its expected release on February 18, also indicated in the game’s timeline. Nintendo haven’t always broadcast a Direct in the first month of a new year — general Directs and game-specific variants often landing in either January or February since 2013. There was no Direct in January this year obviously due to the Nintendo Switch Presentation. Nintendo themselves haven’t announced or confirmed a January Direct thus far.