Omega Labyrinth Z Announcement Trailer Jiggles Across The Web

Omega Labyrinth Z is coming west sometime in Spring 2018, and this announcement trailer below tells us really nothing about the game though it may hint at why using “I write for Hardcore Gamer” as a pick line never seems to work with the ladies. Upon repeated and closer viewings of the trailer, it is revealed that Omega Labyrinth Z is a tactical rogue-like RPG, with lengthy, randomly generated dungeons to pillage and plunder for loot. The trailer subtly hints at this, but breasts are an integral element of the game and growing them increases the character’s power, and growing them to bountiful Z-cups allows for the ultimate attack, the Hyper Omega Slash, though using this power causes some deflation to occur. While pondering the premise of these Z-cups, it is hard to not wonder whether there is a greater likelihood of the front heavy anatomy to cause their spines to snap or if they should try using them as a fun means of conveyance like these guys.