China is Getting Two Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Games

It’s been announced that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will be seeing its first spin-off games sometime in the near future, but they’ll only be available in China. The games are both backed by Tencent, a major Chinese internet company. One of its studios, Timi, will be making a game that adds naval encounters to the PUBG formula. The other game is being developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio and appears to be much closer to the version of PUBG that fans already know and love. Both mobile games are being developed using Unreal Engine 4 according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. The game adding naval battles is currently called “PUBG Mobile Game: Battlefield” while the more traditional port is simply called “PUBG Mobile Game.”

PUBG Mobile Game: Battlefield trailer:

PUBG Mobile Game trailer:There is currently no word on when these games are expected to release.