December’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Nex Machina, The Sexy Brutale, More

Well, it’s that time again, where we virtually unbox the latest offerings from Humble Monthly, acting as their Christmas present to us this year. And after the mixed bag from the first part of the IGN era last month, one had to wonder if we’d get any lumps of coal this month as well. But for the most part, nope! Turns out December’s bundle bounced back a bit with some holiday cheer, so let’s take a look at this month’s stocking stuffers!

Actually, we do get a slight possible touch of coal with the battle royale shooter that is H1Z1, if only because the general consensus is that this Early Access title needs to focus more on fixing some of its bugs and gameplay elements. But then that gets overshadowed by a helping of two of the years best indie games: Nex Machina, Housemarque’s mind-blowing old-school twin-stick shooter, and The Sexy Brutale, Cavalier Studios’ looping supernatural murder mystery. Arguably, both of those alone are worth the price of admission.

And from that point onward, the hits keep coming. We have BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, an update on one of the best entries in Arc System Works’ crazed fighting franchise, then we have a trio of notable 2017 titles with fellow fighter and elemental bash Rivals of Aether, fast-paced retro FPS Strafe, and quicky artist simulator Passpartout: The Starving Artist, one of the year’s possible hidden gems.

Surprisingly, we also get some extra stocking stuffers this month. For starters, we actually get two Humble Originals instead of one, with first-person job simulator (or a different one, anyway) THOR.N, and first-person psychological thriller Crescent Bay. Then as a bonus, there’s a demo of Way of the Passive Fist, Household Games’ upcoming tactical arcade brawler, which wowed us before.

All in all, a particularly splendid batch of games highlighting some of 2017’s best while giving us a taste of one of 2018’s most promising (which in retrospect, suggests more of a New Year’s theme we should have gone with, oops). And in one last surprise, three titles have already been revealed for next month’s bundle – The Long Dark, Quantum Break, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III – the most from a sneak peek yet, giving early payees and new customers three games to immediately get into. So will the rest be another crop of winners? Come back in five weeks and find out!