Felix the Reaper Grooves to New Preview Trailer

If you’re a regular patron of Hardcore Gamer, you may have noticed Felix the Reaper making the rounds in our Screenshot Saturday features in recent months. But yet we haven’t seen much of Danish developer Kong Orange’s game in action, or at least enough of it to get a good handle on how it plays. So that’s where the new official preview trailer comes in, showcasing the rules of the reaper along with Felix’s fancy moves to boot.

As seen below, the game is a 3D puzzler where you have to manipulate shadows that allow Felix to move around in, either by turning the sun or nudging around the props and scenery. Lay down the paths correctly and don’t get caught, and you’ll be able to set up the demise you’re ordered to carry out. Succeed, and our skeletal hero may actually be able to finally woo Ministry of Death co-worker Betty the Maiden. With what appears to be some impressive gameplay and aesthetics that even involve professional dancers assisting in crafting the title character’s movements, Felix the Reaper is indeed one to look out for when it hits the PC next year.