Kid Buu Plays for Keeps in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Although he’s already been announced as a part of the base roster of Dragon ball FighterZ and has already appeared in at least one other character’s intro trailer, Kid Buu hasn’t gotten much attention up to this point. That all changes with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s most recent trailer. Yup, Kid Buu finally has the spotlight and he’s getting all he can out of it. The Kid Buu on display here retains every ounce of the savage unpredictability of his anime counterpart. He’s blindingly fast, unrelenting and very willing to get creative with his attacks. Players who choose him will even be able to go so far as to turn their opponent into a tasty gumball, chew them up and then spit them out with extreme prejudice! With all this power and speed at his disposal, it’s hard to see choosing Kid Buu as one’s main fighter as a mistake.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 26