Raw Fury to Publish Minimalistic RTS Bad North

Recently, indie publishers Raw Fury Games told everyone that that they will be revealing several new video games, studio partnerships, and information of other games in the works from now until the week before Christmas. And so we have the first of their announcements, namely that they will be teaming up with publishers Plausible Concept to help publish Bad North, a minimalistic roguelike real-time strategy game about fending off invading vikings.

So with Raw Fury providing funds and taking care of business-related items, the developers will now be able to devote more time to making the game a hit. This tale of a prince and princess fleeing their home after a Viking invasion and having to fend them off through several procedurally generated levels with several bannermen doesn’t have a trailer yet, but we do have several screenshots including some new ones showcasing weather effects, which you can check out below. Bad North is currently due out in 2018 for PC, consoles, and mobile devices, and looks quite interesting so far.