Screenshot Saturday Featuring Bad North, Summer Catchers, Many More

There’s no telling what’s going to turn up in a Screenshot Saturday.  A few constants are amazing new games, twitter-bots retweeting amazing new games, a huge amount of original new content being shown off for the first time anywhere, plenty of discoveries to be made, and the occasional porn image.  It’s Twitter, what can you do?  When working as intended it’s an amazing resource to see games and related projects come together over weeks and months of development, and this feature pulls about a dozen images (plus a bonus one) from the pile as a cross-section of the hundreds released each week. As usual, most “images” are actually video in one format or other, and it’s a lot more fun when you poke at the images to give them a chance to move.

Mothergunship- Semi-roguelike FPS that’s the thematic sequel to Tower of Guns. What that means is an insane amount of bullets on screen, but now you can build your own weapon to send the same volume of firepower back. The gun construction can get a bit out of hand once you’ve got a good collection of parts, but that green meter on the left is energy and this construction would drain it in a single shot.

The Siege and the Sandfox- Super-sneaky Metroidvania where you’re an assassin who saw the king die. Being an assassin is the kind of profession that brings instant suspicion when royalty is murdered, so after being tossed into the deepest dungeon you need to use stealth and parkour moves to avoid combat and escape, then save the city from the regicidal traitors.

HomeMake- An endless city covers the inside of a sphere, slowly changing as you explore. There are several different characters to wander the streets with, each with their own perspective and abilities to navigate the dangers. Some can run fast, others are much better at dealing with the residents of this strange sci-fi metropolis.

InnerSpace- The inside of worlds is a great place to live, apparently, with InnerSpace’s giant environments stretching all around. The glider explores the skies and changes into a submarine for the seas, searching out lost gods and discovering their memories.

Summer Catchers- A girl from the northern lands has never seen summer and decides it would be nice to know what she’s been missing.  She’s traveling south in a wooden go-cart, running through the forest to get as far as possible while completing helpful quests for the people she meets along the way.

Skellboy- Wise fwom your gwave! An old, dead hero needs to tackle a quest that the heroes of today can’t handle, harvesting bits of defeated enemies to power up along the way. The boss in this encounter has some very nice effects and attacks, but I was a bit disappointed to realize that’s a bandana rather than a cute red bow.

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe- Jettomero is a giant clumsy robot who wants to be a hero, which is fairly difficult when a single huge misplaced foot can stomp a building flat. One of the features of the game is plenty of art filters to play with, although the Jumbotron view is a bit of an extreme example.

Bad North- Teeny-tiny strategy, where Viking invaders beseige small randomized islands and you need to come up with the right tactics to fight them off, using whatever advantage the terrain gives to defeat overwhelming odds. It doesn’t always go as planned, though.

FlyPunchBoom- Super-weird high-impact cartoony one-on-one fighter. There are some attacks one can shake off, and others are going to leave a mark long after the physical effects have faded. This would be the latter type.

Rheum- Fly down a body and cure what ails it by the only true medicine known to mankind- bullets, and lots of them. It’s squishy and biological in there.

Faria: Spiritbird-  Open-world RPG with a really nice terrain engine.  There’s something lovely and near-hypnotic in just watching the landscape scroll by.

Unnamed-  Super-early, but with some very nice animations for the sword fighting.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  Vicious battle or killer mosh pit?  You decide!