DICE Rolls out First Changes to Star Wars Battlefront II’s In-Game Economy

DICE is rolling out the first changes to Star Wars Battlefront II following unprecedented backlash by the community.

It’s been a rough first month for Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE, and EA. After receiving extreme backlash from fans and concern from Disney, EA hastily pulled all microtransactions from the game, but has done little to fix the game so far. Progression is still a mess, rewards are stingy, and there’s been no word from developer or publisher about any upcoming changes. Well, that kind of ends today. DICE has issued the first update in weeks, and it comes with some changes.

A new update has rolled out that makes some adjustments to Battlefront II’s economy:

  • End-of-round payout has been increased, though DICE didn’t specify by how much
  • Arcade mode’s cap on Credits has been increased from 500 Credits to 1500 Credits per day
  • Daily Login Crates now provide more crafting parts, though DICE didn’t specify how much more players will get

These are all positive changes, but do little to change the core problem with the game’s progression system. Star Wars Battlefront II retains it’s pay-to-win mechanics and lacks any meaningful progression system. In fact, the problem is so bad that players are resorting to extreme methods just to try and get something. This is a huge problem, and today’s update does little to fix the root of the problem.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.