Blade and Soul’s Dawn of the Lost Continent Update Arrives December 6

Blade & Soul’s biggest update yet makes landfall tomorrow. This update will bring with it a bounty of new content and gameplay upgrades that just about any fan of the game will be able to enjoy. It also happens to be pirate themed; if that doesn’t inspire an intrigued raise of the eyebrow then nothing will.

The biggest addition the Dawn of the Lost Continent update will bring to the table is the titular lost continent itself: Solak. To help players take on the daunting task of exploring this forgotten land, the update also introduces several other changes and features including:

  • A newly raised level-cap: The level cap for all characters will be raised from 50 to 55.
  • Hongmoon Ultimate Skills: Supremely powerful class-specific attacks
  • New Heroic Dungeons and a Raid: players can explore two new six-member heroic dungeons- Hollow’s Heart and Starstone Mines. Those looking for even more challenge can take on Snowjade Fortress, the new 12-member raid.
  • A new story chapter: Act 8 of the Blade & Soul story sends players on a mission to awaken Jinsoyun. They’ll need to enlist some help and a flying pirate ship in order to get their mission started though.
  • New Characters and a solo heroic dungeon: Players can take on Outlaw Island and its ruler Yeohoran to see who will reign supreme over all pirate-kind.

Check out what the Hongmoon Ultimate Skills are like in the video below:

Blade & Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent goes live on December 6. For those who are interested in jumping in for the first time, check out our review an see if the game is a good fit.