Expectations for Sony’s First-Party Titles at PSX 2017

As we approach the year’s end, this time has recently started to bring about two traditions for gaming enthusiasts: The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience. Both bring about their fair share of hype and announcements, but the latter has often done a solid job at preparing PS4 owners for the year ahead, particularly in regards to Sony’s plans for their first-party titles. Heading into 2018, Sony has a potential-filled lineup of varied titles, primarily from studios that have reared their heads after years in silence. While the publisher has hinted at some of their reveals inbound next week over in Anaheim, there’s still plenty more to speculate upon for eight of the PS4’s biggest releases.

Days Gone

Announced back at E3 2016 from the long dormant Sony Bend Studio, fans have been able to see multiple substantial demos from the open-world apocalypse game despite the title having no release period yet to be attached to it. Days Gone skipped last year’s PSX event, and with no confirmed panels or playable demos, a similar fate could likely befall Sony’s less anticipated zombie title. At best, fans could expect a trailer that perhaps dives further into the story and characters that Sony Bend has kept mum on thus far.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage’s latest tale seems to be nearing completion, as President of SIEA Shawn Layden hinted at in an interview back after E3. Having also received multiple gameplay demos, Detroit: Become Human is one of three titles likely to receive a release date during Friday night’s press conference, along with perhaps one more trailer to tease the three protagonists’ journeys in this near-future game.


Dreams is arguably this year’s most interesting PSX appearance, with developer Media Molecule having gone mostly radio silent since the game’s brief tease at the PS4 announcement event back in February 2013. With a confirmed showing at the PlayStation Presents presser and its own panel, expect to learn plenty about the creativity sim and its likely impending beta.

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch was also featured on last year’s PSX speculation article, and then proceeded to remain outside of the spotlight until October, with an in-engine trailer and brief gameplay tease that stole the show during Paris Games Week. Ghost of Tsushima is also guaranteed to have a presence on Friday night and during Saturday’s panels, and considering Sucker Punch’s release schedule for their past few titles, fans could end up seeing quite a bit of this ancient Japanese title.

God of War

Sony Santa Monica’s latest exploration of ancient mythology through violence received a surprisingly vague release window of Early 2018 at E3, which was sustained through a succinct demo at Paris Games Week. It would be rather surprising for God of War to not garner a release date considering how impending “Early 2018” is, but we may see little else from the father-son adventure considering how tight-lipped the studio has been thus far.


Building on this year’s E3 finale, Insomniac’s adaptation of the web-slinging hero was also heavily implied to release in the first half of this year during the aforementioned Layden interview. Spider-Man will likely complete the trio of release date reveals that will take place during PSX, along with perhaps another in-depth gameplay demo to show off the scope of Insomniac’s newest release.

The Last of Us Part II
The Last of Us: Part II

The second of Naughty Dog’s two big reveals at last year’s PSX, the cinematic sequel could still be quite a ways off, with Sony not needing to rush the acclaimed studio with their 2018 being as packed as it is. Nonetheless, we may still see the title’s first proper gameplay demo to close out Friday night’s press conference, in addition to finding out some additional details during the associated panel on Saturday.

PlayStation VR Title

With the PlayStation VR entering its second year, Sony will likely look to further expand its own involvement in the gadget’s chances of success. While likely without any further context, this assumption is further validated by the opening panel on Saturday, which features “two legends” discussing their new PSVR title. Expect to see our first look at this intriguing partnership at the PlayStation Presents the night prior.