Tekken Was 2017’s Most Tweeted Game in UK

Whether you find yourself drawn to it on a daily (perhaps minute-by-minute) basis or would rather avoid it altogether, very few will deny that social media — Twitter especially — has become an integral part of our modern-day, social communication and interactions. Especially when it comes to marketing and the promotion of video games. Word-of-mouth or otherwise. Well a recent study carried out on the habits of users in the UK, turned up some surprising results and it seems that Tekken was the most-tweeted game in the country, with nearly two million tweets circulating over the past year.

Tekken 7 released earlier this year in June for PS4, Xbox One & PC and received widespread acclaim from critics (ourselves included), but it would appear that Bandai Namco’s long-standing fighting series remains a popular IP in the UK. Popular enough that it even beat the likes of FIFA & Call of Duty when it comes to discussion — two huge franchises with annual releases and, like Tekken, post-launch promotions in the form of DLC as well as an expanding eSports schedule to keep discussion going.

In fact, both Call of Duty & FIFA even saw a decrease in their activity on the platform this year alongside Grand Theft Auto. Games like Minecraft, Mario Kart and Warcraft, by contrast, saw an increase in tweets — Minecraft especially up 190% compared to 2016.